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Mule Tutorial Series: Implementing RESTful WebService

An ESB is expected to function as a service provider as well as a consumer. This tutorial will explain how Mule ESB can be configured to function as a RESTful WebService endpoint. Mule ESB provides a built-in REST component based on Jersey project.



Mule Tutorial Series: Mapping Data Structure hierarchy & externalizing configuration properties

The CSV file formats in the previous blog posts namely post1 and post2 mapped to a single POJO object. This blog post demonstrates the ability to map CSV fields to a nested POJO structure.


Mule Tutorial Series: File Endpoint, Data Mapper, Java Component

In my previous blog post, CSV to Maps component was used to convert the CSV input to Java Maps. The CSV to Maps component loads the entire CSV content in memory before transforming into Maps. In case the file is large, this approach would lead to large memory consumption. Mule provides a memory efficient solution using the DataMapper component.


Mule Tutorial Series: HTTP Endpoint, Java Component & Expression Filter

A typical Mule application is built around one or more flows. The flow receives a message; the message progresses thru one or multiple steps/activities which perform specific tasks/actions. The flow consists of message sources (endpoints) and then message processors(endpoints, scopes, components, transformers, filters, flow controls, error handlers).


Mule ESB Tutorial Series – An Introduction

For the past month or so, I have been working on understanding the nitty-gritty of Mule ESB. In order to expedite Mule development, mulesoft provides Eclipse based Mule Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment). For the purposes of this tutorials, I have done development using Mule Studio 3.5.0 using Mule ESB 3.4.1 EE.


SOA – Service Oriented Architecture – A Primer

Around five years ago (Aug ’08), I had put together this presentation on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). The aim of the presentation was to act as a primer for introducing various delivery stakeholders within my organization to SOA, its impact and implications.

As mentioned in the presentation, I am not the original author of the content of the presentation. Unfortunately I do not have the links to provide references to the original authors. I apologize for that.

SOA – A Primer