Mule ESB Tutorial Series – An Introduction

For the past month or so, I have been working on understanding the nitty-gritty of Mule ESB. In order to expedite Mule development, mulesoft provides Eclipse based Mule Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment). For the purposes of this tutorials, I have done development using Mule Studio 3.5.0 using Mule ESB 3.4.1 EE.

For the reader to make maximum use of the tutorials, it would be useful if the reader has familiarity with the following material:

The series covers the following topics:

To start using Mule ESB, first download and install Mule Studio. For installation instructions, software pre-requisites and the Studio download, refer this link.

To gain detailed understanding and instructions of use around the Mule Studio graphical environment refer this link.

Before breaking out into actual examples, a Mule project should be created in Mule Studio. The following paragraph provides a high level outline of the steps to be followed to create a Mule project.

Using the Studio’s main menu select File –> New –> Mule Project. Enter an appropriate project name; for example I have used ‘integration’. A Mule project with the directory structure as shown in the following screen shot is created.

Mule Integration Project
Mule Integration Project

The src/main/java folder houses the Java source code for the application. The flows folder houses all the artifacts related to Mule flows. The mappings folder contains the mapper configuration files.

Now let’s get the ball rolling.


3 thoughts on “Mule ESB Tutorial Series – An Introduction

    1. i want to learn Mule soft esb , i am not a java resource , weather i am eligible to learn ot required to learn Java also . please guide me . and how the future market of the Mule

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